Technology - ZVS02 Hydraulic Fork Positioner

Variable pallet sizes - If handling lots of different sized pallets then it can become slow and tedious having to keep getting off the forklift to manually adjust the width of the forks.

The solution - Using the ZVS02 option the driver can hydraulically adjust the width of the forks from his seat, an easy operation performed in seconds

Reduce product damage - If the forks are too narrow then the pallet can be unstable, too wide and the pallet or product can be easily damaged. Using the correct fork width for every pallet means the load is perfectly spread across the forks.

Save time and effort - If the driver has to get on an off the forklift every time the delivery can be slow, increased driver fatigue or the driver can be tempted to try and use the wrong fork width for a pallet.  With the ZVS02 the right fork spacing is used every time 


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